The Project Management Conference

Risk Management: Planning for Project Success and Delivering Promised Value & Benefits

More than ever before, companies need to be able to respond quickly, focus resources and deliver projects on time and within budget. If you are a building owner or manager; contractor, architect, engineer or interior designer; you need to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies to help you be an effective project manager and team leader. A project manager’s success is often linked to his or her ability and skill in identifying and managing risk as well as minimizing the impact of changes to both the project scope and product scope. Managing risk effectively mitigates financial, personnel and legal threats, while allowing you to respond to changing project demands with an enhanced knowledge of industry parameters.

The Project Management Conference Edmonton will provide you with an arsenal of practical knowledge on the risk management process, highlighting best practices for defining, identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling and monitoring risk in relation to project planning and delivering promised valued & benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you and over 100 industry colleagues to the 2016 conference on Tuesday, September 20 at the Westin Edmonton. This is a sell-out conference – secure your spot today before it’s too late!